The Order of the day…

21 01 2009

Recently Staff at Bobballs floated a conspiracy theory about David McNarry (Balls! 17.01). Well, we’d like to modify it.

In the original piece we suggested that the Lion of Strangford was making statements of considerable empathy with the DUP. In fact, we went on to speculate whether David was making public his empathy as part of rutting display for the benefit of the DUP press office. We asked whether he was issuing a kind of ‘come-and-get-me’ plea before jumping ship to the DUP.

Having reflected on this at some length, maybe we’ve been looking in the wrong place. Could it be that David’s new barely coherent comments (eg. that speech) may in fact be intended for another DUP-supporting organisation… the Orange Order!??!

David is the Assistant Grand Master of the Orange Order. Is there soon to be vacancy at the top of the Order? If so, is this MLA using a position granted him by the electorate as platform to win election to the OO?

Can’t find any further info on the election of Grand Masters in the OO. But perhaps the UUP’s European campaign isn’t the only election on McNarry’s mind at the moment? Just a thought…




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