Newsflash: Man photographed in Washington

22 01 2009

Amazing scenes on the US Eastern Seaboard as a man with new-look, confident side-shade was spotted at the inauguration of President Barry in Washington DC.

In a moment of unprecedented access, the man – along with just 2 million people and global television audience entering billions – was at times almost certainly just within several hundred metres/25,000 people of the President during an intimate ceremony.

Mirroring Barry’s soaring rhetoric, the man said: “Hold the frontpage! Apart from 2 million bystanders and a global audience numbering in the billions, just me and 240,000 people received actual invites to be here. Rush the evidence to the picture desk immediately!”

Our fearless reporters have captured the historic moment when the man later met with President Barry (No. That would be news. This would be Congressman Richard Neal. Ed.).

Man (60) pictured with Congressman Neal.

PS. Our favourite pic in circulation is this one below. If you ignore the man (60) with attractive newlook side-shade and beard with added pinch of approachability, the muppet above his left shoulder is doing a ‘jazz hands’ pic with his wife. Has it come to this Gerry? Not rubbing shoulders with statesmen but instead blowing about at the end of show with the out-of-towners.
Some people may look at these pics and see an international figure with access and profile. Fair enough. But Staff at Bobballs are struck by the image of a man who cuts a rather lonely figure. Still, that side-shade totally rocks. High-fives Ger!



3 responses

22 01 2009
Shuffling Geisha

Jazz hands? JAZZ HANDS? Are staff at Bobballs admitting they have watched Bring It On?!

Poor old Ger

22 01 2009
Lord Metcalfe

I say, this man looks terribly lonely!

23 01 2009
Staff at Bobballs

nothing less than water boarding would elicit that kind of confession ShufflingGeisha. Let’s just say, we KNOW jazz hands.

Yes, m’lord, Ger’s crushing loneliness was clearly oppressive – it drove him into button-holing some bloke out for a pint of milk. Thankfully, he turned out to be Congressman Neal. Poor Gerry.

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