The 80s needs a hug…

22 01 2009

Farewell then Tony Hart. Those of us in our 30s (late 30s. Ed.) will remember Tony fondly.

But Christ it’s like celebrity death dominoes now – another one falls every day. At this rate, Norman Wisdom will be away by the end of the week, followed by Jimmy Saville next Tuesday.

So what with all those inconsequential icons of the 80s dropping like flies recently, we went on a nostalgia trip over at Youtube. And boy did it yield a gem, this time from Kajagoogoo.

Setting Gordon Gecko, Aha and Miami Vice to one side, there is nothing as 80s as this video. It’s got a conceptual storyline, 4 men in trench coats and pork pie hats playing ‘intrusive media’, AND its got Kenny Everett.

There are some particularly hardcore 80s moves from Mr Limahl around the 1:23 and 2:55 mark. Sadly, no cartoon speech bubble was inserted inviting Limahl to explain what the fuck he thinks he’s playing at. An unforgivable oversight.

But no matter how many times we watch, it can’t lift us from this funk. Godspeed Tony Hart – so altogether now Haaaaaarrrt Beeeeeat!




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