Cup of tea and listening to the wireless… lovely

27 01 2009

For Staff at Bobballs, there’s no better way to start the day than with a lovely cup of char, a nice piece of excellent toast smothered in Old English Thick Cut Marmalade, and all to the thunder of a peer of the realm informing Wendy Austin on the wireless that 111 fellow peers are probably corrupt.

Boy, oh boy, does Lady Royall have a job of work ahead of her! Still, she’s looking into four of them. Just another 107 to go!

In fairness to Ken, he said that the Lords are everyday people and 10% to 15% of everyday people act dishonestly. At first sight there is nothing so controversial here – but then… surely the public are right to require a higher standard of behaviour from their public representatives? So in other words, is there not something kinda disturbing about a representative in Parliament suggesting that 10% to 15% of peers probably act dishonestly?

Even if Ken’s right, then we know of at least one peer who’s above reproach… high fives Dennis!

PS. We’re looking forward to the next edition of the super soaraway PR Week which has been crusading mightily in recent months over government plans to limit access of public affairs consultants.

How will Labour legislators view these restrictions now that The Sunday Times has amply demonstrated the necessity of introducing them? Will they be more or less in favour?

How warm a reception will public affairs people get from government when they ask to preserve a system which has contributed to the ensnaring of four Labour peers and unleashing the spectre of Labour sleaze just 12 months out from an election?

PPS. Are you acting dishonestly? Then you might just be a taxi driver!! Over the past few months, Staff at Bobballs have noticed a steady increase in taxi drivers (from a well known Belfast firm in particular) just forgetting how to take the quickest route between two fixed points.

Okay, it’s just anecdotal – so perhaps I’ve just been unlucky over the past 6 months. Yet this bad run of luck coincided with the credit crunch and less money being spent on fewer taxi journeys. Erm… surely taxi firms aren’t encouraging drivers to maximise the relationship between distance and costs? I mean, how do you forget The Knowledge?

Our tip: if the taxi guy asks you what way you want to go… tell him and be specific. Based on our humble experience, if you imply that you defer to his wisdom then expect a longer journey and bigger meter by journey’s end.




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