Daithi McKay puts a ring on it…

27 01 2009

Staff at Bobballs understand that North Antrim SF MLA Daithi McKay has said that the Assembly should make coverage of Question-Time and other proceedings available on Youtube (no link).

Very noble. He’s got a great point. And yet…

As Daithi notes:

I have proposed that the coverage of Question-time and important debates are recorded and put on the Youtube website to ensure that more people, especially young people, can see what their elected representatives are doing.

Be careful, we warn you Daithi that this level of proximity isn’t always beneficial. Posterity is a very tough audience. Be careful what you wish for my friend…

PS. But just on the general principle, Daithi, you and I must agree that there’s just too much of this notion of seeing what people are doing. Daithi, I present the evidence. (HINT: It’s an open and shut case.)




2 responses

27 01 2009
Shuffling Geisha

Yet Basil McCrea wants a dedicated television channel for the Assembly!

We likes the home video, Bob using the medium of dance to ease writers block?! I was awfully concerned when after doing one of the lower moves Bob seemed to have got stuck on the floor cue cut!

27 01 2009
Staff at Bobballs

Mock as you like! Bob can still throw a few shapes around when he needs to.

The flub to the floor wasn’t too bad… but that leotard doesn’t half chafe a bit.

Anytime you feel like posting up a few shapes of your, feel free Shuffling Geisha!

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