Random appointment of the week…

27 01 2009

Congratulations Mr Richard Holmes! For we hear that the Government of Mongolia has appointed you its honorary consul in Northern Ireland.

Anyone who wants to know more about the new chief Mongol in Northern Ireland can contact Richard by email on mongolia_ni@ yahoo.co.uk

All the best Richard, but do you realise that you’ve taken on years of stupid jokes about Mongol hoardes and Genghis Khan?

So start your torment off, here’s an authentic Mongolian joke (many thanks to the asiafinest.com discussions forum for this gem)…

Нэг эр найздаа: – Гэртээ ордог юм байна. Авгай нэг юмтай зууралдаж байна. Дyрсхийгээд бачимдахдаа сандал дээр суун тэдний ууж байсан 2 лонхтойг хoнтoрч орхив оо. Уйтгартай дуу аяллаа. Тэгээд жаал уужраад эргэн тойрноо харваас манай гэр биш байна шyy.

What? You need a translation? Tsk. As below…

A man say to his friend:– When i come back home, i found my wife was with someone. I was flamed, to hold myself, i sit down and drink bottle what they left on the table. Sang a song. So i felt better and look around. Oh my, this is not my house.

Hilarious. Best wishes Richard!




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