Whatever happened to…

5 02 2009

David Archer?

Well, he’s still doing the unspectacular work you expect from decent public reps. But he’s also helping to demonstrate the brighter side of online communities – and that connectivity is measured not only in bytes per second.

So David cropped up in the blogosphere earlier today – on Iain Dale’s blog to be precise. And he said something nice about Iain. This made Iain feel warm. Which in turn led to Kath sharing the love with Iain. Iain sharing the love with Kath. And the revelation that Iain Dale will be coming to NI for a group hug. And Staff at Bobballs feels warm at the pleasant domino effect.

Just cannot imagine his visit will not include visit to Cunningham House. With Dale’s visit I suspect the UUP/Conservative Europe candidate could soon get a major online boost. This could be a big deal. Will Slugger be hooking up with Iain? What about other bloggers – aligned and non-aligned? Heck, will Iain be hooking up with David?

Dale is no Tory party hack. So his impressions of NI and UUP will be very interesting. We look forward to finding out about Dale’s visit; how the UUP use the opportunity; how the DUP responds. From the UUP POV it would good to get Dale in to develop online campaigns capacity. He may have some insight into things like branding. Wonder if the UUP can confirm whether they might be entertaining Dale?




2 responses

6 02 2009

Mmmm. Pints, Iain Dale, Mr Archer. *tiptoes away quietly*

6 02 2009
Staff at Bobballs

Naughty boy! Dirty boy! Go to your room…

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