Covers and Dead Kennedys…

6 02 2009

As the world goes twitter-mad, Staff at Bobballs share what’s on their mind right now…

Tigerrouge is currently listening to some Thriller-era Michael Jackson while reading a story about a transvestite that looks like John Terry.

ELSEWHERE: editor of Tatler decides to jump ship to Evening Standard (allegedly bought by Russian billionaire and former KGB man for the nominal sum of £1) leaving people to speculate Toby Young will become new editor. Toby Young denies this on twitter.

UPDATE: Russian billionaire and former KGB man appeals to UK press to stop referring to him as a former KGB man.

“If I were a gynaecologist for example, would you ask me the question, ‘Why did you buy the Evening Standard?'”

ELSEWHERE on twitter: Stephen Fry gets stuck in a lift and gives running commentary on events.

ELSEWHERE in the world: Vanity Fair goes green by recycling its own cover shot.

Every time they run a cover with a Kennedy, it’s never a new shot either, but then again, there is a good reason for that…




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