Labour gets it wrong – and they’ll keep getting it wrong

6 02 2009

Strange things are happening on twitter and the blogosphere. Seems like Labour have gone bickies with the old web 2.0.

First Iain Dale gets into a tiff. But then Ifran Ahmed gets a visitor on twitter. Why are Derek Draper and Alistair Campbell acting in this way?

Said Alistair:

@irfanahmed Ah, my site is more than a blog. Yours is an interesting combination of orange, yellow and beige. And some words. All the best

What is going on? Why are two senior and sophisticated Labour communicators/strategists just hanging around being rude to bloggers. It doesn’t make any sense.

This is what Draper is saying about Dale:

is iain dale an apologist for racism? read these private e-mails between me and him and decide for yourself

I think Draper is a bit misguided. Online is the one medium where reasonableness and etiquette carry weight. So clearly Draper and Campbell just aren’t equipped for it.

Like watching anyone over 30 attempting to moonwalk, these guys are embarrassing themselves in public. It’s a pity because I like their proximity. But the mystique is being exploded here – they should change tac while they still have (formidable) reputations left online. But they won’t.

This embarrassing spectacle is bound to continue – and all they’re doing is benefitting the Tories. Totally counterproductive.




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