Private Eye in Zimbabwe partiality gaffe?

7 02 2009

Just opened my latest edition of Private Eye and a leaflet for the Zimbabwe Crisis Appeal spilled onto the floor. Outrage! So ends independent, impartial journalism!

Chucking leading and pejorative terms like ‘Crisis’ around? Private Eye should be ashamed of themselves. They are giving succour to those who would oppose a sovereign government. Sure, there’s a bit of local difficulty there but how can I trust Private Eye after such blatant evidence of partiality? What a gaffe!

So well done once again to the BBC for definitely getting it right with that local difficulty in Gaza. Your impartiality is so finely honed that the suffering of helpless human beings will not rouse you to something approaching partiality on the notion that mitigating human suffering might be a good idea.

So well done again you bunch of inconstant, self-regarding, brainless Ruperts!

PS. Oh, and keep up the good work Lord Gnome.




2 responses

8 02 2009
Shuffling Geisha

Ah well never mind Bob, there’s always Chap?

8 02 2009
Staff at Bobballs

You’re right of course. Delivering an up-to-the-minute digest on historical chaps, handy tips for modern chaps and self-improving information for salty, new money Johnnies who’d to be socially accepted by upper class chaps – the Chap! is a one stop shop of handy chap orientated information. How could I forget… there is always Chap!

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