And elsewhere… and finally

8 02 2009

Staff at Bobballs are basking in the afterglow of Ireland’s great win against the French yesterday. Still, we’re easily distracted from watching a clueless Scots side get beat by Wales – so in a moment of supreme randomness we’ve bumped into the following…

FIRST UP: Twitter-using journalism students will be grateful to Online Journalism Blog for putting together their list of the top 10 best twitter feeds. Bobballs isn’t one of them, but I’m sure that but for reasons of space…

ELSEWHERE: Prezza needs you to stop RBS handing out the onions (taxpayers cash) to the kinds of sage chaps who lost investors (taxpayers) billions. We like the cut of his jib. Join him here on Facebook.

ELSEWHERE: Carol Vorderman everyone! Tory campaign on maths… pah, didn’t notice. Carol Vorderman everyone!!

ELSEWHERE: Living god is on Twitter. High fives Your Holiness!! Though this is only a slight tactical advantage over Facebook till they get to sign up Michael Jordan.

AND FINALLY: Labour tried to spin the Lords corruption story into an attack on external earnings. So retraining the guns of the media onto William Hague. It was a desperate but perfectly decent diversionary tactic. ‘Cept this week Guido thinks the Home Secretary might have wrongly claimed £116k off the taxpayer. How can the government (and Prezza) use the big boy voice about RBS and taxpayer-funded bonuses when the Home Secretary may have been gorging herself on generous taxpayer-funded expenses (bonuses) for some time? Whiff of sleaze? Fatal if proven.




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