What happened to those cuddly Stoops?

17 02 2009

The SDLP are using the big boy voice in the Andersonstown News. Sure it’s a strong piece – suppose SF are vulnerable to this attack now.

The DUP think the SDLP should be lead negotiators for nationalism and the SDLP are pleased to act up. What happened to those cuddly Stoops we know and love? These guys are angry and trash talk. It’s getting ugly…

… much like Mairtin O Muilleoir’s blog. Read the first section. As a publisher, why doesn’t he think that ‘man reads newspaper’ is culturally acceptable; or why is it so offensive? Was this joke sparked by the Daily Mail or was it about the Daily Mail (Mairtin doesn’t say)? Why would a comedian referring to a newspaper be a cultural faux pas?

Navel-gazing rubbish. Tenuous hope is that Newton Emerson’s Irish News column on Saturday treats this with the respect he deserves… (otherwise Mairtin don’t parade infantile, low-grade prejudice as heightened cultural awareness. It ruins an otherwise decent read from Belfast Media Group.)




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