Johnny Hubris visits Staff at Bobballs…

20 02 2009

Fearless reporting in the Belfast Telegraph! Apparently there’s a civil service property in East Belfast which costs millions of pounds and its completely empty. Shocking. Just shocking.

In fact this was a shocking story the first time round… when Staff at Bobballs covered this story exactly 12 months ago!

So the Belfast Telegraph submitted an FOI request, and introduced some (rather interesting) historical background, then ran a story based on publicly available information that we were able to blog about 12 months ago. And then they put it on their frontpage.

It’s not that we’ve done anything special, it’s just that the Belfast Telegraph haven’t. Anything masquerading under the tag of Investigative Reporting ought to amount to something more than this, shouldn’t it?




One response

22 02 2009
Shuffling Geisha

But don’t you know Mr Gordon was news reporter and I believe scoop of the year at last years IPRs and slugger journalist of the year, revere staff at bobballs.

Irish News reporters are less enamoured with him with his habit of using his Insider column to make cross party digs, saucer of milk for the muppet at 124-144 Royal Avenue…

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