How deep is your love?

19 03 2009

Jeez, the years haven’t been kind to ol’ Barry Gibb. Check him out at that link, then come back here and look at the photo below (… if you’re not humming How Deep is Your Love? softly while you look at this photo it means you don’t love him like I do).

So altogether now!! Ta-ada-dah-wacka-wacka-How-deep-is-your-love-ta-dah-dah-ta… etc

PS. Oh and in case you missed it, here’s an invasive down-the-front-shot of the nice Kate Moss who stupidly got into a car and ceded the advantage of height to paparazzi. But who in the post-Diana era of self-regulation would encourage the paps to take such modesty-revealing pics by paying out wads of cash for same?

Step forward family newspaper and great defender of traditional British values… The Daily Mail! I think this goes beyond the cheeky snap into something more prosaic.

PPS. Or perhaps there really is nothing more British than a ‘Coor blimey Missus’ ganders at a young lady’s Bristols.

Napoleon said we were ‘a nation of shopkeepers’. Even then I suspect those shops were thoroughly well stocked with gentlemen’s pamphlets. The Daily Mail has clearly disembarked the newsstands and is making a dashing assault on the commanding heights of pornography’s last bastion amid the upper-shelves. ABC figures will tell us if its a good thing or not (ie. a desperate ends-justifying-the-means ploy that paid off).




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19 03 2009

The years haven’t been kind to Barry, and neither has his health. The poor guy has a heart condition and bad arthritis, so cut him some slack.

19 03 2009
Staff at Bobballs

Is that you again Momma Gibb? Away on, shoo, off you go, skat…

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