Full Court Peace

17 04 2009

Interesting piece in the Christian Science Monitor, it’s dealing with a sports initiative that aims to promote reconciliation. The initiative – Full Court Peace, founded by David Cullen – is sending two teams over the States this summer.

Sure, ‘peace walls’ are growing in number and doubtless there would be plenty to draw upon for anyone inclined to make an argument for an increasingly divided society here. But equally there are community groups doing important work which often falls below the radar.

So it’s great to see this in the CSM (although, mebbe this group’s kindaofa big deal? Also found coverage on CNN. There may well be local NI coverage but just can’t find any links.). Have also found a documentary about the initiative at a Myspace site (made by a UU student), and I see the group is on Facebook.

A really good local story this – and as this group’s well-organised, has international links, is media savvy and web-enabled… it looks a perfect splash for a local newspaper looking to position itself as multimedia platform (*cough* Belfast Telegraph & Irish News *cough*). I think I’m right in saying that the team travels across to Colombia University in the next few days, so following the group might offer the hook for a story?

It’s just rousing, uplifting, heart-warming stuff. There’s such story potential in this particular group, but I wonder what other diamonds are out there…




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