MEPs a-twittering

17 04 2009

Great site – Europa Tweets. It publishes all tweets made by MEPs who’ve registered with the site. Europa tweets can be followed on Twitter here. I see Jim Nicholson is registered, though I can’t find Jim or Bairbre. Most followed MEP? Matthias Groote of the SDP in Germany with a mighty 826 followers.

PS. Twitter take-up is important among MEPs. It’s also important among US Congressmen. Now I like twittering MEPs… and I like twittering US Congressmen… mmmm… but I wonder which is better? There’s only one way to find out… FIGHT!!

(Apologies to Harry Hill, and hat-tip to Public Affairs 2.0.)

UPDATE: Holy sh*t, someone get those MEPs off Twitter – it’s total anarchy!




3 responses

17 04 2009
17 04 2009

Ah, good man. Thanks for this. I see Jim is curiously inactive. Wonder what he’s waiting for?

18 04 2009

Will the real jim allister please stand up!! So sorry couldn’t help myself

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