Refreshing change…

26 04 2009

Just read Jim Nicholson’s speech from UUP AGM yesterday. (No link – so google doc-ed it. Haven’t been able to check against delivery yet… but Jim’s not know for his soaring improvisation).

Nicholson’s theme is change – and my god that’s a refreshing change to Empey’s speech. Altogether the better one by far. It makes a case for the New Force and highlights the relevance of the Euro elections by tying up a narrative that embraces Stormont and Westminster. It suggests continuity and vision across the whole project.

Too Euro-sceptic for my tastes, but it maintained a positive, constructive tone throughout. And get this – the speech didn’t overdorse in the usual, senseless, counterproductive, irrelevant DUP-bashing. A very clever speech indeed.

(Erm… despite this I heard it was delivered flatter than piss on a plate. Shame. The content is right for a big unionist audience.)

UPDATE: O’Neill offers his thoughts on the Jim, Reg and Cameron speeches over at Pint of Unionist Lite.




2 responses

1 05 2009
Shuffling Geisha

In all fairness though, someone who has been an MEP for 20 years pushing a change slogan looks slightly odd.

1 05 2009

That is clearly one of the finest comments i’ve come across. And, well, yes… it is.

Though I’m sure a Jim supporter might say that he is a catalyst for change over several electoral cycles – which is why people vote for him. His longevity shows that Jim is an agent of change – his 20-years of service are proof that he’s consistently dynamic, effective and electable.

That’s what a Jim supporter might say – but I like your comment better.

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