Git me ma shootin’ irons

3 05 2009

Of all the sleaze reports in the Sundays, this short one in the Telegraph elicits most outrage (from Bobballs anyways). The MPs expenses scandal is so bad that Party leaders are being warned that resignations and by-elections could follow.

These MPs voted to send people like this to Iraq. The British remained there for over 2,000 days. But what of the MPs responsible – many of whom were also directly responsbile for the fuzzy political objectives and inadequate  equipment? Well, it’s been tough for them too. One MP has used public money to build a sauna in order to cope with a skin condition. Whereas some of those who went to Iraq are now spending their time doing this.

PS. The Sunday Times reports that expenses forms are now being routinely edited/censored. Why, asks Ben Wallace MP? I suggest Ben reads the Sunday Telegraph (linked above) as it may contain one possible reason. It seems the public has been funding the extra-marital affairs of at least 3 MPs, and if all details were revealed then they would be exposed as the fraudulent, dishonest shower they are.

These are the kinds of stories that make you wish MPs would all just f&%k off and get off our backs. But there are many honest, principled and dedicated people in politics; those that aren’t just need to be hounded out. When trained on venality in public life, sometimes a good old-fashioned  hysterical lynch-mob is not such a bad thing after all. Am outraged by c&%ts in Westminster accumulating power and money for their own benefit. So less censorship, more transparency and plenty more resignations/by-elections. Naw, go git me ma shootin’ irons, there’s gotta be a reckonin’…




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