Sexy Sony Girl endorses Stratagem’s twittering

9 05 2009

Public affairs company Stratagem has joined Twitter ( Their press release says its Twitter site is ‘believed to be the first of its kind in Northern Ireland’.

Mmmm… nothing like a loose and unqualified claim to grab the attention! Why? How?

[Still for all their uniqueness, me mam still beat them to it Hi mam! And what a great endorsement for Sony that is. Keep up the good work mam!]

Here’s the blurb:

‘The ‘stratagemni’ account on Twitter will provide up-to-date observations on political events in Northern Ireland and will also allow us to engage with people from across the world who have an interest in politics and government here.’

And here’s Mick Fealty, local cleb from NI’s bloggerati, to endorse them.

‘The new Stratagem Twitter service will undoubtedly be a great tool for anyone interested in politics and current affairs here, and further enhances online political dialogue in Northern Ireland.’

Stratagem are well thought of, so is Mick Fealty, and for that matter so is me mam (aka Sexy Sony Girl cf.above).

It’s good to see Stratagem on Twitter. They know politics in the way that me mam knows her Sony. There is no higher endorsement than that.




3 responses

9 05 2009
Gary McKeown

I’m not sure it’s a “loose and unqualified claim”- are there any other public affairs companies in NI who provide a free Twitter service? Maybe you’re right about the grabbing attention bit though- after all, you mentioned it on here!

Thanks for the link.

11 05 2009

Ah Gary. No need to be so precious. There are certain phrases that will trigger my ‘Acme Impending Bollocks Early Warning System’. That’s right, ‘believed to be the first of its kind in…[insert loose and unqualified claim here]’ is one such phrase.

Everyone’s on bloody Twitter now, I can’t see anything unique about someone else joining it. But if you wish to narrow down to a subset within a subset within a subset of tiwtter users, then yes, eventually, you might just be an early adopter among public affairs companies in NI.

Anyhoo – not to underplay your not inconsiderable press release writing talents, but I posted the link because you asked. And having said that, I also posted up the link because I like your blog and I like what Stratagem does. So… best of luck!

11 05 2009
Gary McKeown

Yeah, but a false sense of incredulity on my part at the deployment of the ‘Acme Impending Bollocks Early Warning System’ makes my claims seem more genuine 😉

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