What a great 12 hours for the UUP… PtI

14 05 2009
Black Ops and Tonto spot another propaganda opportunity

Black Ops and Tonto spot another propaganda opportunity

Wait a second, in fact it hasn’t been a good 12 hours for the UUP. First up, Robert Coulter (affectionately known in some circles as ‘Black Ops Bob’ in deference to the great man’s self-proclaimed mastery, and I kid you not, of propaganda and media manipulation) and his magical mystery tour of funny Orientals and their barbaric unChristian religions. He was  superceded just hours later by a startled Sylvia Hermon who got spooked by the MP expenses revelation into blurting out something about not being a Tory.

For Part I, let’s consider ‘Black Ops’. Bobballs hears that this was another one of Bob’s famous solo runs. Ably assisted by his son and sidekick, John ‘Totally Tonto’ Coulter, the pair cooked up a statement (which openly discriminates against an individual on the basis of their religious preferences) and released it everywhere without bothering to tell the Party press office.

So let’s recap: in the middle of an election campaign; with this exciting new Tory pact debuting before the electorate; and the Party arguing for normal politics and attempting to reach out beyond its traditional base; at a time when all the mainstream UK political parties are voicing that this could be (another) breakthrough election for the BNP; ol’ Black Ops Bob thought it would be a good idea incite a row on race relations. What a propagandist!

Needless to say, this is not the UUP policy. Take it away ‘UUP spokesperson’:

“The UUP is a party open to people of all faiths and none. We are a party that firmly believes in equality of opportunity and a party which celebrates the diversity of the modern United Kingdom.

“In a free and open society, there cannot be religious tests to hold position in public bodies. This includes the BBC. Staff should be recruited solely on merit.”

That’s a polite way of saying ‘Up yours Bob’! Bobballs also hears that John ‘Totally Tonto’ Coulter called up the UUP irate that it had released a counter statement without telling him. So to recap – John was upset about a statement he didn’t have forewarning of, which was in response to one issued by him which he gave the UUP no forewarning of. Totally and completely Tonto.

The UUP statement clearly puts a lid on this. Black Ops and Tonto are completely off the reservation on this. No doubt at Monday’s UUP Assembly Group meeting, Black Ops will describe how his phone was ringing off the hook all week from people congratulating him on his brave stance. He’d be deluded if he thinks that hoardes of like-minded people would be a good thing – for me, this would make this episode even more disturbing.

The really stupid thing is this – when you get past the really unpleasant stuff about discriminating against people on the basis of religion (hadn’t we left all that behind us), it transpires that Black Ops wants more involvement from faith leaders into religious programming so that content more fully reflects the distinct ethos particular to each religion. Not a dishonourable thing for a former man of the cloth to say. Unfortunately this only got teased out – live on Good Morning Ulster. Had he discussed any of this with the Press Office they might have been able to work that suggestion up into a less inflammatory public statement.

The silver lining is that this new pact is demands the UUP confront and challenge anachronistic and offensive viewpoints which are just not acceptable any longer. It will take time but clearly the UUP is intent on sending the troglodytes back to their caves.




One response

14 05 2009
Shuffling Geisha

Aaaahh but you gotta love Tonto, why don’t you love Tonto? He’s training scores of the latest shit hot journalistic talent who hit (well ok knock themselves out charging full pelt into the brick wall) the journalism market every June!

Well, we are deep, deep in the shits, it can only be another election campaign, now all we need is a gay romp scandal and it’ll be like the good old days but sure look on the bright side, at least we aren’t back in the war room overdosing on dubious sugar free jellied sweets – they were most definitely drugged!

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