15 05 2009

SDLP PEB 2009 European Election

What a great PEB. Sharp, persuasive, engaging. Nice narrative arc, tying EU policy with real issues. Good dynamic use of split screens, pace maintained throughout. Heck, PEBs are supposed to confirm your credentials to the people who vote for you anyway. But this might just change a few minds, I would have thought. Great stuff!




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15 05 2009

Ah bloody brilliant. Defo the best PEB I’ve seen so far.

And to think that building an alliance with these guys was the main alternative to the Tory merger!

If only the UUP had worked for a partnership with the SDLP – an equal partnership between two independent parties, one unionist, one nationalist – now that would have had real transformative potential…

15 05 2009

(as opposed to chopping off your labour and liberal wings who had stood by you for 20 years, alienating the only MP you’re ever likely to have to the point of the window-ledge, all for the sake of being able to put a few images of posh boy Cameron in your peb, and a stylized tory “vote for change” logo on your posters next to the face of a very long-standing MEP whose best USP is experience…)


22 05 2009
Shuffling Geisha

Yes, it was the best PEB out there this time by a long shot. I think overall the SDLP team have played a blinder between the PEB, the bloggers breakfast and even the free Beyonce tickets on the website.
They also have a great candidate albeit with lopsided eyes, made all the more obvious since he got rid of the tache – honestly he does, take a look at the posters!
But asides from that, he’s likeable, intelligent, capable and trusts his team to do less obvious things eg the above and the profusion of social networking sites.
Though it breaks my heart I think he will take the third seat

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