Bobballs goes big…

20 05 2009

Well, Bobballs was 24th of the Top 100 growing blogs of the day on wordpress. Sure there’s a lot of awards out there recognising bloggers nowadays. But being 24th on a random day of the week in May is the one that really matters. High-fives to all the Staff at Bobballs!




3 responses

20 05 2009

Well done Comrade Bobballs!

Extra nibbles tonight methinks for the cast of a thousand nano-hamsters who keep pumping out this blog…

22 05 2009
Shuffling Geisha

Woohoo, go Bob, go Bob, oh yeah, oh yeah.
Nah but seriously yours is a most excellent blog, quirky, witty and probably one of the few things online that has me bursting into spontaneous tittering at my desk.
Keep it up Sir Bob and team

22 05 2009

Shuffling Geisha – on behalf of every single one of the nano hamsters… thank you. (the usual ‘spontaneous applause fee’ applies, right?).

Daithi – extra nibbles for Bobballs, but never, never for the nano hamsters. This blog doesn’t pump itself out, y’know.

No other publisher on the planet can claim the level of direct interaction I have with my readers. I can connect with 100% of my readership.. and lo and behold, here you both are. High fives you guys!

Now let’s take down those assholes over at Nobody comes in at No23 when Bobballs is No24. I mean no one…

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