I’m bringing waxy back… yeah!

25 05 2009
Alban and Trousersnake - like peas in a sexy little pod...

Alban and Trousersnake - like peas in a sexy little pod...


Isn’t this just completely desperate? Alban and Beyonce? C’mon fellas, gimme a break.

O’Conall Street cites the opportunity in the following way:

There is one sure way to get a young man interested in politics, mention Beyonce. The beautiful, serene,  Obama serenading Beyonce. She makes grown boys melt and women just need to be her. Now thanks to SDLP Euro candidate Alban Maginness you can see her.

Maginness is sweating new media for all its worth in this election and his latest viral YouTube video comes with two tickets to Beyonce for a lucky surfer.

That’s three saturdays in a month that politics has given me a very beautiful woman to write about. Could it be getting sexy?

Well, erm, O’Conall Street’s a fan. But offering people tickets to a concert and asking them to vote Alban is a bit, well, crap.

It’s crap for a couple of reasons but mostly because it’s so out of kilter with the candidate. ‘Sexy’ and ‘Alban’ are two things I refuse to put together. Maybe ‘Waxy’ and ‘Alban’, but not ‘sexy’ and ‘Alban’.

Lots of great stuff happening in the SDLP campaign. But this isn’t it…

… or maybe I’m underrating the tashless Alban? Maybe he is bringing sexy back – maybe Maginness is good for you! If he is bringing sexy back, and if he finishes outside of the top 3, then why not this? Until that moment, he can at least count on transfers Bobballs and the thousands of nano-hamsters who pump this blog out on a daily basis.

PS. Oh and Alban, grow the bangers back.




3 responses

26 05 2009
Shuffling Geisha

Ah now Bob, steady on there. Free tickets to see a hot young filly whom the younger women adore and the younger men would adore to be with. It may be as subtle as a sledgehammer but it gets the punters, and punters who don’t traditionally vote, on to his website and clued into him.

I reckon he’ll get a few votes of out, whatever works is worth a go

26 05 2009

I’m not going to dignify this with a dignified response. So my response is going to be undignified. (see above this post.)

30 05 2009
Shuffling Geisha

You old fuddy duddy, go get yourself a cup of tea

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