The worm is still turning…!!

2 06 2009


DUP Councillor Jim Kirkpatrick defects to UUP Following the defection of DUP councillors Harry Greenaway and Deidre Nelson, Belfast City Councillor Jim Kirkpatrick has left the DUP to support the UUP. Jim, a long-serving councillor and twice High Sheriff of Belfast says that he has become increasingly disillusioned with the DUP.

Explaining his decision to leave the DUP, Mr Kirkpatrick commented:

“I had a long conversation with Peter Robinson a couple of weeks ago about the economic problems facing Northern Ireland. I came away with the distinct impression that he neither cares about nor understands the nature and scale of the problems facing the manufacturing industry and small businesses across Northern Ireland. We are at the beginning of an economic down turn where recovery in the manufacturing sector is doubtful since several countries in Europe, with lower wage levels, are better able to attract that economic recovery when it comes.

“This isn’t about weathering just another recession where we think that everything will get better of its own accord. There is an urgent need for an innovative economic strategy for Northern Ireland and I don’t believe that the DUP has such a strategy.

“I also believe that the DUP has lost touch with what was once its’ core vote, particularly in estates and rural areas. The hierarchy of the party seems more concerned with dynasty building and expense claims than with tackling the socio-economic agenda.

“I have been impressed by the efforts of the Ulster Unionist Party to build a new pan-UK unionism and I have also been impressed by David Cameron’s efforts to tackle issues which have either been ignored or messed up by the Labour government. I am happy to endorse Jim Nicholson on June 4 and will be resigning from the DUP with immediate effect.”




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