Would DUP vote for early general election?

2 06 2009
Which direction will the DUP turn?

Which direction will the DUP turn?


Interesting piece over on Conservative Home.

Jonathan Isaby seems pretty sure that all Opposition parties are going to unite to vote for a dissolution of Parliament… but he’s not sure about the DUP. Isaby doesn’t know what the DUP would do. I don’t know either.

With them leaking councillors, and currently running a poor candidate amid one of their most negative, divisive, sectarian campaigns – what would the DUP do?

Will they want to go before the country with such a bitter Euro campaign in the background? Will they play safe and prop up the whole rotten edifice of the present parliamentary system?

Or will they force dissolution by joining forces with the Conservatives (er.. like so many of their councillors colleagues in recent times)?

This Opposition wheeze will no doubt take Labour by surprise but it may be a nasty surprise for the DUP. I don’t see either option as particularly attractive for them. As much as they’d love to do the populist thing, it’s a high stakes gamble to go for this right now. Nimble footwork required chaps!

PS. Given Sylvia’s recent hysterics, this would not necessarily be a campaign the UUP are desperate for either.




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2 06 2009

Here’s a theory…

Dodds performs well in the Euro-poll, and the DUP claim victory.

Dodds performs badly, SF top the poll and the DUP go into the next election claiming “We told you so, you’ll not vote for aomsone else THIS time!”

Could Diane have been the sacrificial lamb, given up in a lesser election in order to destroy other unionists in the next one?!

Just a thought…

3 06 2009
Carson's Cat

Arguably they have the same to lose either way. A quick election makes best use of their greater resources against someone like Allister who’s people will be much thinner on the ground and who will have more trouble drumming up a few presentable candidates. It would also give them the chance to completely finish him off politically (assuming they don’t do that on Thursday).

On the UUP front it would massively open up the North Down front again which is a bad news story which seems only to have the potential to get worse for Reg. They can play on that and there aren’t that many seats which the DUP currently hold which the UUP would appear to have a properly realistic chance of taking. There might have been the exception of South Antrim in that, but I reckon Danny Kinahan just ain’t going to build much of a base for anyone to challenge Willie McCrea. Burnside was the best best for that but I assume he ain’t comin back, and even if he does he’s lost credibility.

That doesn’t make it the perfect election for the DUP to fight – FAR from it. At the end of the day whether the election is early or late we’re talking a difference of a few months so there is nothing really in it either way.

3 06 2009

I think that the DUP are in much deeper trouble than South Antrim, East Belfast with Robinson standing down Strangford where Iris is now toxic are in play with the TUV slicing their vote. Upper Bann is also in play although less obvious.

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