Weighing up the differences between Unionists…

7 06 2009
Weight of a few votes getting heavier all the time...

Weight of a few votes getting heavier all the time...


Picking up from elsewhere that DUP remain positive about tomorrow. Despite a lower turnout their tallies show them as lead unionist party in most constituencies, excepting North Down, Newry & Armagh and South Down.

They do say that the UUP tallies are quite wide of the mark though. The overall sense is that UUP tallies will not provide an accurate big picture as they didn’t spend enough time on nationalist boxes/votes. Another issue highlighted was that UUP talliers may also have been most interested on Allister boxes/votes and consequently over-stated how he performed.

DUP will concede (and accord with the UUP) that Allister had a good day out in Mid Ulster & North Antrim, plus they say he had reasonable performances in South Down and Upper Bann. But overall, some in the DUP are saying their vote is holding up just enough to keep them ahead of UCUNF. For example, both parties will say that the UUP vote went up in a constituency like West Tyrone but DUP say this was still a win for them. Overall, it seems fair to say that the Unionist candidates are all packed tightly inside the margin of error. Political careers now weigh on how the odd percentage point falls here and there.




One response

8 06 2009
Shuffling Geisha

Not just political careers hanging in the balance but if DUP vote has take a 12 per cent nose dive as it is believed, it has not just implications for the devolution of policing and justice but also for the very survival of the Assembly.

Perhaps the simple truth is that prods just don’t like power sharing

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