NI tech ready to take on the world?

11 06 2009
Talk is cheap... get involved

Talk is cheap... get involved


From the Belfast Telegraph, an article that dares NI tech entrepreneurs to be bold, drop jaws and take on the world. The author, David Kirk, has been round a few corners and knows his stuff.

This isn’t a flighty pep talk that’s high on ideals and aspiration but low on real world actions. Nope, not this time. This is a straight up call to arms. Read this extract, check out the network details at the bottom and get involved in the conversation.

‘There needs to be vision and bold leadership, and a call to action that could include: Re-brand and re-launch Northern Ireland as a real “software destination.”

If Northern Ireland was a product, and I was the product manager, I’d form a product launch team to reintroduce Northern Ireland to the world stage; create a compelling value proposition, develop a Go-To-Market plan for NI technology and companies, and a strategic marketing plan to rebrand, reposition and relaunch Northern Ireland to leapfrog the competition. And then go out and start winning, or die trying.

  • Aggressively reach out to the diaspora. Invite them in. Listen to them. If you are reading this anywhere on the planet and you have a connection (or even feel you have a connection) to Northern Ireland, you are invited. If you are in Northern Ireland and can provide time, resources or expertise then you are invited. It’s no good just cheering (or sneering) from the sidelines anymore.
  • Get much more real operational experience into the funding industry. It needs someone who has actually started — and even failed in trying to start — a company to advise entrepreneurs It needs someone who has actually run the operations of a big ($100m+) successful company to help companies grow that big and see round corners to avoid those inevitable landmines.

Safe bets have low return! There is absolutely no reason why the next Google cannot come from Northern Ireland. All it needs are two computer science graduates and $100,000 — yes, that’s what started Google! And is there no technology reason why Google servers have to be in Mountain View, CA. Let’s get that ambition back, focused and harnessed into something that will make the world drop its jaw!

Let’s use any channel we can to talk; let’s start with the internet. You can find some of us talking already. There is a Twitter feed, . There is a Facebook Group, AAligNI. There is a LinkedIn Group AAligNI. And there are a lot of emails flying around already. Contact me if you would like to be included.

Talk is cheap, but now it’s game on! Anyone?’




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