The chilling tip of a very scary iceberg…

14 06 2009
Gerry Adams... author, fabulist, shaman, ferryman, dreamweaver

Gerry Adams... author, fabulist, shaman, ferryman, dreamweaver


Gerry Adams’s latest blog written at 32,000ft and published by Belfast Media Group is attracting a lot of heat over on Slugger. Yes, unusual. But how do we explain the writing style? Drink, altitude sickness, swine flu? Tsk. None of these.

I remember when Gerry started his blog, I was happy to see him go online. Other political leaders should do likewise. But I think on this occasion, Gerry is showing that he is not only a political leader. Oh no. He is also author, fabulist, shaman, ferryman, dreamweaver. Very much like Garth Merenghi.

I know I often take inspiration from Garth. From his website:

My greatest influence has always been myself. I’m essentially a loner – out there pushing back the boundaries of the fantastique, trying to raise the level of human consciousness. I’m often amazed by my own innovations in the genre, which can lead to excessive hero-worship at times. But I’ve learned to relax about myself and move on. Other than that, I do like Terry Pratchet.

Of course there is no correlation between that super-inflated ego and Gerry Adams, the humble man of letters. Nevertheless, like Garth, it’s okay for Ger to express himself in an unusual way – writing should be unusual/not boring.

In this blog, Gerry welcomes you, fellow traveller, into the darkplace of his imaginata. Feel privileged Pilgrim… and wipe your feet on the way out.

PS. Language is a wonderfully adaptive, flexible thing. Think of the idiom like free-form jazz. If Charlie Parker were to get on stage and say ’Hey finger zinger! Flip your lid, this baseline’s going for a walk!’ People would no doubt applaud him. And rightly so. But then people mock Gerry. That makes me physically sick.




4 responses

14 06 2009

Is this a pic from Glen Meranghi? Top quality programme?

16 06 2009

Oh yes. That would be the triumph that is Darkplace. Marenghi achieved that notable honour of exiting the stage with people wanting more. Gerry Adams, the man who does for English what Ron Burgundy did for jazz flute, can only look on in wonder…

18 06 2009

Or even Garth Marenghi. Not to mention ‘Man to Man with Dean Lerner’.

18 06 2009

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