The only election that counts…

16 07 2009
Voting has opened...

Voting has opened...


Iain Dale/Total Politics are looking for the Top 100 best political blogs.  Full details here. Dale advises against listing 10 and steering people (who?) in a certain direction. Fair enough, but surely it’s okay to say that there’s lots of good NI blogs out there at the mo and I’m really looking forward to seeing how people respond to the likes of Three Thousand Versts, Burke’s Corner, O’Conall Street and Jeff Peel’s Diary. Lots more good blogs to choose from, so best of luck all!

PS. I confess that have let this blog run down over the past couple of months. With all the time I have right now, Bobballs is about as deep as a puddle at the moment. Or perhaps as ever was.




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