Naked in the snow? Go for a run…

27 07 2009
For people asking: why am I doing this?

Time for some commonsense advice

It is important to ask for advice, even if it invites a statement of the obvious. It always helps to get a second opinion.

Recently had a pretty good conversation with one of the better known bloggers. I contacted this person to get some advice and an insight into how they approached their blog. The result was some pretty decent commonsense advice which helped me a great deal. The stuff on stats was particular relevant.

I thought the content of that conversation might be useful to a wider audience. So here is a snapshot into the routine of one leading blogger (I bulletpointed and distilled it down):

  • I post at least three things a day just to keep myself ‘up’ in blog lists. Some posts can be general and it’s handy to have a simple post put up when you’re too busy to sit down and really thrash out a complex one.
  • I always post something of interest to me – never post just anything for the sake of posting. For me, it’s not a question of blogging for stats, it’s a question of posting every day to keep people interested. None of this is for stats or anything other than my own pleasure.
  • For some stats are the be all and end all. Don’t go down that road.
  • Something controversial is always good.
  • Post up a list of your favourite blogs you’ve read that week, people will see your link to them. There are some bloggers out there who are very kind and will link back while others completely ignore you. Only give them three chances!
  • Look for similar blogs, then over time look at who the similar blogs followed and follow them.
  • Comment on other blogs. Of course I can’t comment on every article I like but I make a point of commenting on a few perhaps once or twice a week.
  • Also I try to find a new blog every week or so – whether it’s politics or not. That’s because I need to keep my brain going and there are some great blogs out there about all sorts of things.
  • Join up with bloggers on Facebook – it has created another forum for my posts if nothing else.

I find it interesting to see what works for others. Everyone’s experience and routine is slightly different, so there’s always something new to learn.




One response

2 04 2010
Ivor Whitten

Just found this from your ‘Snowed under’ post. Excellent points. If only I could always remember them!!

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