Congratulations APNI!

30 07 2009
No... you think?!

No... you think?!


The Bobballs Award for ‘Stating the Bleedin’ Obvious’ goes to the APNI press officer who conjured up the following headline:

McCarthy – NI Water must improve their billing services

Mmm…. yes. On the day it was revealed that NI Water’s billing system left 8,000 customers with an incorrect bill it would indeed be correct to say that the billing services must improve.

So congratulations APNI press office! You win a year’s membership to the Royal Observer Corp and the Awacs Radar early warning detection system. Many happy returns.

PS. Particularly enjoyed this line from the release:

If these types of mistakes are not eradicated then some people may lose confidence in the company.

Erm.. well, yes. (I refer you to the pic and caption above.)

C’mon APNI press office!! Why are you holding back? Kieran won’t have a hope of making the papers at this rate. Get in there son, give it some welly!




One response

31 07 2009

That’s a Kucinich election poster in that photo!!!!

Clearly it must be one of the only thirteen Kucinich election posters in existence! (resources are always a wee bit on the low side with niknik campaigns….)

Our visibility is mounting! Thank you Bobballs!

Onwards to Niknik 2016!

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