You break my smile, I light the black candle

30 07 2009
Not just as scary in the flesh

Calibre: Not just as scary in the flesh

Remember that old nursery rhyme: ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but that won’t stop me from hunting you down my friend.’

Not quite as famous as the other rhyme you might have been thinking of. Well, for me, it sounds like this is what Belfast drum’n’bass DJ Calibre might have meant to say in this report from Hotpress.

After being beaten and smacked about while at a gig in Canada, Calibre tells reporters the following:

“It will take more than fake men with sticks and stones to take me outta the game. I still played the gig, with my fucked up face. To those who did this a black candle has been lit, you might have to run for a long time.”

A man called Calibre has lit the black candle. I wouldn’t hang around to ask what the f**k he’s talking about. Just start running.

PS. Incidentally, the fuller story can be found on Calibre’s blog here. Aktiff goes super kryptic with a threat of his own: ‘the fish has been left at the front door step…‘ Apparently.

PPS. Did he aim for ‘a horses head in the bed‘ miss and hit the doorstep?

PPPS. Best wishes for a full recovery.




One response

20 08 2009

sorry to hear that this happen to such a great artist!!!! thank god your still alive…from florida u.s.a. your my favorite producer ever!! the people that did should burn in hell for what they did!!!

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