Your Slippery Nipple and night vision googles, sir

1 08 2009

Belfast has lots of great stuff in it. Lovely shops, nice zoo, great Titanic heritage, tremendous prehistoric, pre-civilised paramilitary wall art. Indeed, some of our taxi drivers are among the world’s best when it comes to taking the scenic route to a city centre destination. But now Belfast can also say that it has the best bar in the world to boot.

So congratulations Merchant Hotel! For me, the bar staff and drinks variety are superb but I found the whole thing just a bit, well, dark. Vampire chic is very hot at the moment, but I suspect that’s a front to keep the ‘leccie bills down (there’s a recession out there!). Was like venturing into Dracula’s snooker room…

Still, no question of it – Merchant Hotel is doing something special. So, many happy returns lads!

PS. If you’re looking to go cold turkey on the ol’ vitamin D then nowhere is more exclusive (of decent light fixtures and windows) than The McCausland Hotel. If you put your Slippery Nipple on the table be prepared to use echo location to find it. Very chic.




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