SDLP press office hunts down enormous banana skin

3 08 2009

SDLP press office issues press release… complete with the private notes from MLA directing them. While slightly embarrassing, it could have been much worse. Eye on the Hill with the spot.




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4 08 2009
Belfast Gonzo

I liked this headline from the time-travelling SDLP leader: DURKAN: CHILD POVERTY IN IRELAND SHOULD HAVE BEEN ERADICATED BY 2016

Someone needs to have a word with the press officer…

5 08 2009

A far-sighted headline! Durkan truly is a man of vision/visions.

My favourite all-time headline came from the UUP press office (sorry no link) about four years ago. Ahem (drum roll)…


The House of Lords is not often associated with heated debate but these Lords can go over the top y’know. Genius.

Think press release was about Denis Rogan condemning violence surrounding marching season. Genius.

Though I confess when working as a sub I committed the following howler. Atop a story about an arson arrest I thundered:


Which is harsh, definitely illegal and probably a bit whiffy. That would be an extremely medieval police procedure… even during medieval times. Thankfully, the chief sub spotted this gem before the reading public got near it.

But this could have been the great grand-daddy of all headlines

but alas, it looks to be a wind up.

7 08 2009
Shuffling Geisha

Personally I liked the Ring Rodney campaign complete with his personal mobbly, hehe!

Headlines are tricky as I have recently discovered since I now have to write my own, sometimes subs do get carried away like with a political colour piece I once wrote…alliteration has a lot to answer for

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