Happy birthday bobballs, you are three…

19 08 2009
Trollz - trained by the FBI and utterly ruthless

Trollz - trained by the FBI and utterly ruthless

I was toeing through the embers of my last blog site when I suddenly realised… I’ve been blogging for exactly three years! When you start to get on a bit like this you wonder how you could have invested your time differently, more profitably. But before I got to start blubbing about being a wastrel, I came across this story.

So it appears that trolls are highly trained, well-paid FBI informers who patrol the internet seeking out opportunities to harague and intimidate members of the legal system. It was at this point when I knew I was a wastrel. Because I’ve been totally doing that for free!

All that trolling, haranguing and informing over three years and I didn’t earn a goddamn cent. Nothing. The fact that I trolled so many people without FBI training makes my success all the more remarkable.

Can I put in for FBI back pay? An FBI pension maybe? What?




5 responses

19 08 2009

Good work. I read the blog with a great deal of enjoyment.

19 08 2009
Shuffling Geisha

Congrats on the placing and the birthday, u going to give the trolls the bumps?

Nah a most excellent blog which does the embarassing thing of making me giggle at my desk, usually reserved for Bill Bryson books so keep up the good work staff at Bobballs

20 08 2009

Ah, you guys!! If you were here right now I’d have you both in a double headlock delivering the mother of all nugees. Ta!

Actually the trollz tried bumps with the nano-hamsters but it disintegrated into hand-to-hand combat at the foot of the stairs. No way am I clearing up after that again. Will just bake some cupcakes or something for next year.

High fives as always for great work at http://threethousandversts.blogspot.com & http://memoirsofashufflinggeisha.blogspot.com

20 08 2009
Burke's Corner

Bob – many congratulations! Well deserved. Chekov rightly described your unique blend of media commentary and (ahem) humour. As the MSM continues to melt down, Bob’s thoughts and reflections continue to make me smile.

21 08 2009

Oh stop it Burke’s Corner, you are awful! (*rapid-fire finger pistols to monitor screen*)

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