We’re among NI’s Top 20 political blogs – ta!

19 08 2009
You really love me less than those other guys?

You really love me... less than those other guys?


Bobballs made it into the Total Politics Top 20 NI political blogs. We came out at No7, which is nice.

Well, the nano-hamsters are to be congratulated – without you this blog would inevitably grind to a halt. The people who voted for this blog should be congratulated too. I had no idea you were there (hi!).

So to recap, thank you nano-hamsters (get back to work fuckers) and thank you voter (ta mam!).

PS. Burke’s Corner & Jeff Peel’s Diary are among the best blogs not to be included on this list – both are essential reading in my humble opinion. Outside of the annual Slugger coronation, thoroughly well deserved work again from Three Thousands Versts and Pint of Unionist Lite.

PPS. Sincere thanks for visiting this blog and voting for it. Much appreciated…




One response

25 08 2009

Bob you are too kind. However my blog is a new kid on the blog-block and I’m often too lazy to update it. However well deserved you…

Jeff Peel

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