PSNI chief gets political over Shared Future…

26 08 2009
Mmmm... who is Orde talking about? My goodness heres a hint!

Mmmm... who is Orde talking about? Ah, I see a hint has arrived!

Hugh ‘Huge’ Orde has told The Guardian that:

“We [the police] will continue to push edges in terms of what we can do, but it’s hugely disappointing the Shared Future strategy is not right at the top of the public agenda. It hardly seems to be on the agenda at all.”

Jeepers that’s strong language for a police officer! So failure to produce A Shared Future strategy is causing policing problems? This is serious. But who is failing to put this on the agenda? Who might Orde be talking about?

Well, Hugh isn’t the only one to voice concern over this issue. As far back as January 2007, APNI brought a motion to the floor of the Assembly which approximated the same criticism that Orde makes now. On that occasion the motion also urged immediate proposals be created to deal with segregation and division.

So for all intents and purposes Orde has just issued the motion that APNI put on the order paper 30 months ago. So, erm, if we wanted to know who it is Orde might be referring to then we’d get an idea by checking out the division for that motion, right?

The APNI motion voicing concern at zero progress with Shared Future was voted down by 40 votes to 18. Mmmm… perplexing. All those who were concerned with the failure to implement Shared Future include:

  • UUP: 5
  • SDLP: 8
  • APNI: 4.
  • Greens: 1

And all those who, well, were unconcerned with the failure to implement Shared Future include:

Ms Anderson, Lord Browne, Mr Buchanan, Mr T Clarke, Mr W Clarke, Mr Craig, Rt Hon J Donaldson, Mr Easton, Mr Hamilton, Mr Hilditch, Mr Irwin, Mr G Kelly, Mr A Maskey, Mr P Maskey, Ms J McCann, Mr McCartney, Mr McCausland, Mr I McCrea, Mr McElduff, Mrs McGill, Mr M McGuinness, Miss McIlveen, Mr McKay, Mr McLaughlin, Mr McQuillan, Lord Morrow, Mr Moutray, Mr Newton, Ms Ní Chuilín, Mr O’Dowd, Mrs O’Neill, Mr Poots, Ms S Ramsey, Mr G Robinson, Mr Ross, Mr Shannon, Mr Spratt, Mr Storey, Mr Weir, Mr Wells. Tellers for the Noes: Mrs O’Neill and Ms S Ramsey.

But wait a second… that’s the DUP and Sinn Fein Assembly parties!

While Orde would never be so specific, here’s a general thought for all those who might present themselves as pro-law and order/anti anti-social behaviour: the top cop in NI thinks you could make the PSNI’s job easier by putting Shared Future on the table.

APNI could add to their excellent law and order credentials by getting their motion back on the order paper; and UUP & SDLP could do no better than support them once more.




3 responses

26 08 2009
Conall McDevitt

Good post Geoff

26 08 2009
Belfast Gonzo

Jenny in East Belfast Diary was expressing similar sentiments recently.

26 08 2009

Ta, many thanks Conall!

Erm… Gonzo?

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