DUP attacks swatted away all too easily…

29 08 2009
Get that weak stuff outta here!

Get that weak stuff outta here!


Who is directing the DUP’s communications nowadays? Is it me or are they losing their bite?

The weakest, flimsiest attack yet mounted by the DUP on UCUNF arrived in the News Letter today courtesyof Michelle McIlveen. Well, here goes:

The DUP had accused the Ulster Unionists of being in disarray, claiming a policy document on the transfer of justice and policing had disappeared from the party’s website.

Seriously, that was it.

The DUP voluntarily reinforces the ‘little Ulster nationalist’ attack line when they do stuff as poorly as this. The DUP are big and outward facing, but they are communicating the opposite and amplifying the attacks of rivals with this silly material.

They must soften up on the UUP/Tory merger. The Tories have said they are not neutral on the Union and that a Unionist could be in the next UK government. It must be right to support this lest you never use the words ‘unionist unity’ again.




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30 08 2009
Shuffling Geisha

Indeed, what are the Dundela crew at? This was the topic of discussion in a daily Belfast newsroom last week because very few press releases coming out from them over the last few weeks.

Consensus reached was we think they are all on holiday or Robbo is on holiday thus when the cats away the mice do fuck all.

31 08 2009

Really? That’s interesting. After the Euro election, the DUP promised change. I expected to see that change immediately in their output, obviously not.

But let’s not forget the DUP press office can still do great things – remember that Newsline ‘story’ a couple of weeks back where the BBC followed Jimmy Spratt and friends visiting empty police stations. The package took up several minutes airtime and we found out that, well, police stations have been closed and the DUP don’t like that. Great package from DUP POV – wonder how they did it?

And another thing – careful what you wish for shuffling geisha! The assembly starts soon – remember all those pointless motions they debate? Yes, the ones where MLAs read stutteringly from notes, borrow the same figures from the Assembly research team and then mistakenly think afterwards that they sounded like Benjamin Disreali. Yip, those debates. That’s your future that is.

31 08 2009
Shuffling Geisha

Ah well, now might be the time to confess that tragically I spent my Saturday night watching Assembly debates from June on the Parliament channel – like Elizabeth Bennett, I am a connaisseur of human folly.

To be honest I find nothing funnier than our motley crew of aspiring Disreali’s stuttering it out with eachother as well as the high pitched giggles which emanate from the DUP benches everytime one of them says something bold about republicans, cutting edge they are, wonder how long it will be before we start seeing the hansard crowd starting to throw themselves over the balcony? October maybe?

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