Beware the gremlins!

2 09 2009

I got twittered earlier by @Mediaflash re. a new service from  This was the tweet:

Reach any journalist with your media release for as little as €75. for 50% off use Twitter as disc code

Essentially, this is a company which has an enormous database of journalists. You go to them to issue your press release and snaps because they claim to have the most up to date information on media available in the whole of Ireland.

Their website is great. As you’d expect with all sites supplying services, it has a ‘why us’ bit to explain who they are etc. The company lists seven positives, including:

  • Highly accurate: Our media lists are refreshed daily with updates by our research staff. If you are sending a media release yourself you need to ring around to make sure your media lists are up-to-date. With you just select the lists you want, knowing that they have all been verified and updated by our staff, saving you hours of work.

Fair enough. The website also includes a ‘sites we like’ tab – it contains web listings of social media they recommend. There were 17 sites listed, which included the following:

In addition to telling us that the company doesn’t read the sites it claims to like, what else does this list tell me about mediaexpress’s listings service?

It’s really disappointing because that list of random websites doesn’t need to be there. I suspect the list is there to demonstrate appreciation of social media, but it in fact demonstrates the opposite. Newly launched sites contain gremlins, but for a service trading on up-to-the-minute media knowledge this one is a beauty.

PS. I’m not here to hammer what may very well be a good service, I just couldn’t ignore the critical paradox that website presented me with.


Jack from Media Contact (parent company of mediaexpress) has got in touch, and this gremlin has now been unceremoniously dispatched – their links listing is now up to date. It looks as though that wonky list had been on the parent company site and it had simply been reproduced on the mediaexpress site. To be fair to the company, they couldn’t have moved faster to sort this out. Thanks for getting in touch Jack, and best of luck with the new service!

PPS. Joe Scanlon clarifies a minor point in the comments bit…




5 responses

3 09 2009
Joe Scanlon

You suspect incorrectly 🙂

3 09 2009

Joe, you spoiled my Poirot moment! Ah, well – thanks for getting in touch

(Great site BTW – that clip of Em breaking up with herself is hilarious…)

3 09 2009
Joe Scanlon

Hello again,
Would you mind removing or updating your statement above with your incorrect conclusions regarding my blog and /

I was linking to a long long time before I found a very minor error on their website and brazenly asked them for a free press release for spotting it.

On a personal note I really like both the and websites and services.

I’m glad you like my blog. One day i may even write a few posts again.

Take care,

3 09 2009

Hi Joe – I didn’t make any incorrect conclusions. I couldn’t make any conclusion because I had incomplete information. So I voiced the somewhat more qualified and tentative ‘suspicion’. So i think my original reference can stay in its context. But this is a distraction, the main point I was making was that this company was linking back to a blog which had posted on another instance of error on the site. Which I felt was a little curious.

You have supplied additional informaiton in the comment section, and I have pointed to this in the main post. I hope this resolves things,

Best wishes etc

5 09 2009

Wow Boballs, I’m so impressed with your new blog. You’ll have to give me some lessons to make mine posh.

Sorry to be off topic, but I was wondering if you could do a wee post about the YES/NO campaign there. Over here we’re doing our best to promote the NO vote because we think it’s the only chance any country has of getting a say in this Lisbon Treaty.

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