Oh, who’ll win the leaders’ debate? Why, little Nicky Clegg of course!

2 09 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The leaders’ debate story has been unleashed again. Both Cameron and Clegg are signed up but nothing as yet from Broon… (seriously, if you were advising this man, would you let him near a television camera based on the above? This bollocks cannot bear repetition.)

Political betting have got Paddy Power quoting Cameron as fav to win the debate and Cleggers has got longish odds. But Cameron, like Obama before him, now has an air inevitability around him. The focus is on him as the leader of the next government in waiting. Though he may (claim to) relish it, Cameron doesn’t desperately need this debate – and Pa Broon definitely doesn’t need this debate. Irrespective of the odds, the big winner will be Nick Clegg.

Nick is a powerful performer (Part 1 & Part 2). For my money he is every bit as slick as Cameron (yes, we all make mistakes… ahem, yes even you) but he has an everyman quality which Cameron does not. Nick Clegg doesn’t come forward nearly enough for broadcast. A leaders’ debate would put him before a mass audience and I think he has the ability to change a few minds (among swing constituencies). If he performs well, the follow up media could give the Lib Dems the opportunity to show they are more than Vince Cable.

Sky is taking flack from other broadcasters for acting unilaterally. But someone had to force the issue. Sky has made their play (and as Lib Dem Voice helpfully urges) they must remain steadfast. I suspect that this debate could mean the difference between a good and a great election for Cleggers.




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