Oi Fordy – where’s my thank you, you ungrateful sh*t?!

12 09 2009

Parsley: gone to a better place

Parsley: gone to a better place

Ledger: gone to a better place

Ledger: gone to a better place

Yip, there’s no question of it. APNI has lost a star (if the Errigle Inn pub quiz is anything to go by).

Sure, Fordy is a bit annoyed. But he shouldn’t get so down – in fact Ford should heartily congratulate Parsley for moving on and taking his APNI heritage with him.

According to Parsely’s ‘I’m-buggering-off’ statement, abandoning APNI is, erm, obviously an important contribution to supporting the APNI cause.

‘Far from negating my commitment to the causes the Alliance Party believes, my move should be seen as an attempt to drive forward those values. Without the party’s work, in which I have played a small part, on the promotion of issues such as integrated education, costs of division and shared neighbourhoods, it is unlikely the prospective next UK Government would be making any of these issues a priority. I understand that many in the Alliance Party will not share my preference for a Conservative Government after the next General Election, but I trust they will recognise the value of having many core Alliance issues placed high on its agenda for Northern Ireland after it.’

So, where’s the thank you Fordy, you ungrateful sh*t?

Oh, and leaving APNI is no failure of APNI… but of the Executive. They made me do it, because they aren’t influential enough.

Really? No, really.

This move is an indictment not of any party, but of the Executive and Assembly for their failure to provide a real vision for Northern Ireland, despite having had every opportunity to do so.

So if the Executive has no power or influence, then how relevant can APNI be residing powerlessly outside the nexus of nincompoops doing their own stroppy version of the Canute footbath?

To my mind, Parsley didn’t put a foot wrong in the Euro election. He would have been a great rep for NI in the European parliament. But he’s played his departure badly.

Yes, emailing a journalist to distance yourself from Tories… with the leftovers of correspondence with the Conservative Party attached was a bit of a gaffe. But then implying that APNI should congratulate him for leaving (?) while also implying they’ve got a non-speaking walk on role in a political sideshow at Stormont is a bit, well, silly.

This is an excellent example of not knowing when to shut up. The statement is far too long, too garbled and trying to say too much. And by explicitly mixing together professional interests with his political ambitions, and he successfully presents himself as a bit of a careerist. Why should joining a think tank require a change in party membership? This statement started out trying to show how Ian is a values poltician – but, in my humble, it kinda failed.

Also, why did the Tories press guys not help him out? Why was Parsley allowed to be ambushed by Stephen Walker & Daily Mirror? Who was giving Parsley advice during this time??

This move is great for Parsley and the Tories. And I genuinely wish him every success in his new, erm, career – but a clever guy seems to have a made a bit of a silly flub. The presentation of it all leaves me completely underwhelmed and a bit confused.

And hang on…

… but what does this mean for Lady Sylvia Hermon? Watching the UUP old boy network gang up on one of their only female reps makes for a pretty unpleasant spectacle. Clarify  please Reg!




3 responses

13 09 2009

As I understand it Ian informed Tories that he would handle his own press. need I say any more?

14 09 2009

Great to see the fear if the DUP’s eyes and the splits as they slide back down from the summit.

If they spent more time sorting out the Executive and less the Conservatives and Unionists they might do better.

15 09 2009

Anon – interesting stuff. We all learn from our mistakes, Ian now knows it’s better to accept help when its offered. If you have any additional details anon please do email them through (everything treated in strictest confidence of course!).

Emanonon – agree, it makes me wonder why the DUP spend so much time attacking the CUs. While on this occasion there is a question worth putting on LSH, generally i think those attacks are counterproductive… and you’re right, there’s an opportunity cost to spending so much time concentrating on knockabout guff.

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