Open Unionism opens for business…

14 09 2009

A few top bloggers (3000 versts; A Pint of Unionist Lite; Divided Loyalties), some really good writers and, erm, meself have come together to create a new blog forum – Open Unionism.

The aim of the forum is to offer a constructive environment for people to discuss ideas relating to the future of Unionism in Northern Ireland and beyond etc. (More explanation can be found on the blog.) The first post has gone up today courtesy of award-winning blogger Three Thousands Versts. Check it out here.

This is early days but please do visit the site and support it by contributing to the discussions. Sure the site is called Open Unionism, but absolutely everybody is welcome irrespective of political background (there is also an Open submissions policy, so if you have a post you’d like to publish on the forum – send it in and we’ll do what we can to post it up).

Do send in your comments / thoughts on improving it; what topics you would like to see discussed there etc etc. All feedback is appreciated and will be used to improve what’s on offer there. Contact details etc are on the site…




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