The Belfast Tottygraph and the ‘news of the phews’

15 09 2009
Temperatures phwwoaring at the Belfast Telegraph

Temperatures are phwwoaring at the Belfast Telegraph

Roll up chaps – the Belfast Tottygraph was on form today giving up the very best ‘news of the phews’. Of course, whenever the sun comes out scantily clad playful lovelies make a bee-line to the beach. Goes without saying…

The snap above (yes, the one with girl in it) appeared in today’s Bel Tel and was among a gallery of the usual shots of tots and sand castles. The caption tells us that:

Maria Erikkson from Belfast enjoys the September sun at Whiterocks beach in Portrush

Apparently, this fruity young lady went out for a stroll and just happened to be captured by the BT’s roving photographer. Fair enough.

But she must have a spare swimsuit stashed somewhere on her person because the roving photographer captured again while ‘resting’ on Whiterocks beach for the Tottygraph’s digital edition!

Phwoarr blimey chaps!! Would you Adam and Eve it! Maria Erikkson from Belfast has only just gone and changed into a spare swimsuit, adopted a provocative pose and been snapped all over again! What a coincidence!!

Well, not quite of course.

But hasn’t the Tottygraph tried just a little too hard by including staged shots of the model Maria Erikkson? Is it necessary to go this far to stage a fitting actualite? For example, isn’t the online pic purporting to show phwoaring temperatures in Portrush on Sunday suspiciously like this one and this one taken at Whiterock beach by Kirth Ferris last July? (Though it may well be that Maria came back and did the same shoot all over again at the weekend??) And I’m actually not 100% sure Maria is from Belfast – isn’t she, erm, from Leeds?

Whatever happened to sending a snapper round to Belfast City Hall / Botanic Garden to bag a couple of under-dressed students frollicking with a frisbee? What’s the world coming to when the Belfast Tottygraph is unable to publish sneaky shots of Belfast totty? It’s nothing short of an outrage…




7 responses

15 09 2009
Alan in Belfast

You should ask the BT for a comment on whether they have a policy of passing off staged photographs as candid snaps.

15 09 2009
Shuffling Geisha

LOL hilarious!

The pic does catch the eye tho and the tele do love their scantily clad lovelies, although it does beg the question if they were going to use a model to stage such shots why not just use a local model from one of the many agencies, think local!

18 09 2009

so i’m assuming the photographer duped the BT into thinking they were “live” shots

…or else the BT were happy enough to dupe everyone else…

that’s pretty pathetic.

18 09 2009
Drumlins Rock

umm ahh eh, the link to her portfolio is rather revealing,

18 09 2009

Hi everyone – yip, i suspect the picture desk was ordered to produce ‘stunna enjoys stunning weather’ pics. The lads on the picture desk prob didn’t have the money to chuck at a freelance snapper so they improvised with a stock shot of Maria Erikkson from Leeds.

Things is tough when you can’t bring jenny curran, a bikini, a melting lollipop and a ‘surprised’ council worker together in beautiful harmony under Belfast’s Big Wheel.

The biggest problem really is that the caption offers no one any escape. It’s just not true.

Indeed, drumlins rock, during my extensive research into this piece i couldn’t help but notice that maria’s work has involved an, erm, wide range of modelling assignments. I also note that in addition to being a broadcaster, she’s a scientist, linguist, educator and global jet-setter. Which is nice.

22 09 2009
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