UUP Policing Board rep updates twitter-sphere on reign of terror!

18 09 2009

Some people dismiss twitter as a newer, quicker and duller way for people to circulate ever more tedious and irrelevant material about themselves. Not me. Oh no. And not the people who do the dissing either… not anymore.


Well, because the UUP MLA for Lagan Valley and Policing Board member Basil McCrea has triumphantly confessed to the following on his twitterfeed:

  • Basil McCrea has just done a job in Drug Deal… c’mon Bas, just say no!
  • Basil McCrea has just done a job in House Burglary… give yourself in Bas!
  • Basil McCrea has just done a job in Car-Jacking… stop it man! Think of the children!
  • Basil McCrea has just done a job in Mugging… I hope they weren’t constituents!
  • Basil McCrea has just done a job in Warehouse Robbery… fair dues. Bloody fatcats, sock it to ‘em Bas!

What can this mean? Have the hard times in recession proven too much for poor old Basil? Public trust in our politicians will be hard to win back after this gargantuan crime spree!

Thankfully all is well – Bas has in fact been playing a twitter-based game called Mobster World which is furiously updating his timeline on his terrible progress through the game as a ruthless crime boss.

But surely the PR savvy MLA AND POLICING BOARD MEMBER would prefer not to have a catalogue of ‘Mobster World’ crimes attributed to him and constantly updating the twitter-sphere like this? Sure, in the real world he supports law and order… but in the gaming world he’s a one-man gang with a killer ‘tude and a rep to protect.

No doubt Basil’s 147 followers were sad to see that the mild-mannered MLA was finally taken down to Chinatown by the rapper Tito Flores.

PS. Alas, it seems that the game updates occur only when you play the game – so I thought I had the link. Apologies. Nonetheless, the bullet points are straight cut and paste jobs.




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