Bobballs’s Big Links

26 09 2009
  1. Pretty knowledgeable piece from the YUs on the cost of the Supreme Court.
  2. A DUP MLA is campaigning against wireless internet (it causes ‘wireless smog’, y’see). Three Thousand Versts urges fewer cretins and more boffins.
  3. Open Unionism looks at the CU’s and candidate selection for the general election…
  4. Polly Toynbee with Gordon Brown’s resignation speech over at CiF!
  5. Davy Sims and how Norn Iron is harnessing the power of twitter and linkedin.
  6. Dividedloyalties warns Alistair Campbell to get used to being out of favour with the media.
  7. Jeff Peel has some words of warning for the crazy auntie in the antic (oi CU’s, that’s you that is!).



3 responses

28 09 2009
Burke's Corner

Bob, interesting links – bar the obvious exception. It is sad when the person railing against the craz y auntie in the attic unfortunately happens to be a crazy auntie in the attic …

29 09 2009

Well possibly the mad Uncle. But last time I checked I was male. JP

29 09 2009

Naughty boys, go to your rooms!! 🙂

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