The bobballs put-down of the week!

26 09 2009
Deadly: Yosemite Sam

Yosemite Sam: deadlier

Deadly: Dolores Kelly

Dolores Kelly: deadly








At the Assembly on Tuesday, and that grand old peacock of Parliament Willie McCrea once again departed the surly bonds of Earth on another of his trademark soaring rhetorical flourishes.

Indeed, it’s at moments like these that Willie very often draws comparison with Barack Obama. Eg: ‘You know he’s bad, but only when you compare him to Barack Obama do you realise how utterly appalling he is…’

However, as Willie glided on gentle airs and gathered himself for the climax of his speech, little did he know that Dolores ‘Yosemite Sam’ Kelly was hiding among the opposition benches and taking careful aim from the far side of the room.

Willie swooped one way then another, but Dolores tracked him… steadied herself… inhaled… held her breath… counted to three… then started to squeeze…

Dr W McCrea: … finance and confidence must be settled before we have proper devolution of policing and justice. Those issues cannot be brushed under the carpet. We have a job of work to do. We must instil confidence within the community. People tell me what “the people” want. Where do they think I live?

Mrs D Kelly: On Mars.


Wounded, Willie replied:

Dr W McCrea: That might be a smart remark from the Member for Upper Bann, but I will tell but I will tell her something. I have three offices in my constituency…

Boy (left) and Willie McCrea (right)

Boy (left) with Willie McCrea (right)


Someone disarm that nice Dolores ‘Yosemite’ Kelly before she goes and takes down another of the local peacocks. They are a rare breed after all, and getting rarer all the time…




3 responses

26 09 2009

Nice one. Especially your Obama yardstick.

26 09 2009
Shuffling Geisha

Charmingly overplayed Bob!

Yeah good ole Willie, sadly I think the spectacle of him departing the surly bonds of Earth on another of his trademark soaring rhetorical flourishes will become all too common again as Team McCrea gear up to try and keep south Antrim.

26 09 2009
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