Under kosh at mo, time only for… Bobballs’ Big Links!

29 09 2009
  1. Who knows the date of the next general election? I do says Iain Dale!
  2. Alan in Belfast likes his library cards shaken not stirred. Hold the olive.
  3. NI Tech blog have a got the story on Web Gov 2010 – looks like a great event. More on that here.
  4. Brian Payne at Amnesty Belfast gives up the high fives for Matty Baggott. (Though I suspect the Policing Board might have a betrayal five in store over this story.)
  5. O’Conall Street has a neat round up of the IREP report. Oh Reg. Looks bad. What next? The truth lies somewhere between Fleetwood Mac and Dr Hook (as with all things in life).
  6. The kids are definitely not all right, says Keith in Belfast. (Note the two-handed shake from Billy. What a pro!)



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