Bobballs’s big links!

11 10 2009
  1. For Chrissakes big business, stop sending me freebees and money and stuff for the kids. Dontcha know it’s against US law to bribe bloggers! At Bobballs we will not bow before the corporate dollar – I mean, you really don’t need me to tell you that Lexus offers world-beating engineering and unmatchable customer service. That goes without saying.  (You’re fired. Ed.)
  2. On the same subject, The Guardian says you shouldn’t need to regulate for commonsense. And The Washington Times wonders how on earth the FTC are going discriminate between blogger, journalist and broadcaster…
  3. Real Clear Politics has a decent round up of the Obama Peace Prize fiasco (when Heat awarded Tony Blair ‘Torso of the Week’ it was marginally more credible). Neat job Barry!
  4. Obama’s services to world peace may be questionable but his services to comedy endure. I like this from the Huffington Post. Barry’s got some of the best gag writers out there – this was one of the finest stand up routines of the past 12 months
  5. Oh, and who ya calling baboon, Clarkey? Irish Times Screenwriter whinges its way toward a bloooog. Sure, very self-aware and conspicuously smug – though I think I might just prefer Megan Fox’s rockin’ ass… but make your own mind up!



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