Bobballs on Bloggtalk talking balls!

31 10 2009

Bloggers Alan in Belfast, no gloss just Matt and, erm, meself discussed the availability of public data on the Internet, the Trafigura affair and its exposure on blogs and joint statement by the SDLP and UUP about education. Also featured is an interview with Slugger O’Toole’s Mick Fealty.

Clever editing (high fives Carl!) means I don’t look too much a prat, but if I sound a prat that’s all my own fault…

Oh, and if you are a blogger (and particularly a laydee blogger), get involved by e-mailing Carl (carl AT northernvisions DOT org).




2 responses

31 10 2009
Alan in Belfast

My “Magheralave, I mean Magherafelt” was fixed in the edit. Very smooth. Worth all the noddies!

4 11 2009

Indeed. And frankly I don’t get enough opportunity to stare longingly into another man’s eyes. For me, the ‘noddy’ is less an editing necessity and more of a social outlet…

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