Do you love me?

14 11 2009

Margaret Ritchie has asked me to be a Facebook fan of… Margaret Ritchie!

IMHO – the surge for fans should have happened before she declared. It might have underlined her position as a candidate with momentum, and also allowed a conversation to begin earlier.

Margaret has been on Facebook for a while. Had she triggered this before declaring for the leadership then her main motivation might have been genuine engagement. But triggering this after declaring is the self-promotion behind campaigning. Ah well.

(Having Margaret ask for her own fans looks a bit, erm, desperate doesn’t it? Someone else shoulda looked after this for her.)

Still, I like Margaret. Break a leg girl!

PS. But then I like Alastair McDonnell too. Margaret Ritchie or Alastair McDonnell? Mmm… there’s only way to sort this out. FIGHT!




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